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Staying Mentally Fit

It is good to exercise our brain everyday like we exercise our body. It is important to keep mentally fit and keep exercising for the brain as well.There are various ways to tickle those grey cells and some exercises for staying mentally fit are-

Keep a hobby that needs us to use our brain. This can be something like learning to play a musical instrument. This can be entertaining as well as stimulating the brain.Quizzes, puzzles, sudoku, jig-saw puzzles, cards, crosswords and board games are some of the good ways to keep you busy in a constructive way.Look at your anger, your rage, your depression, your fears and anxieties.Uncover their triggers and find different ways to look at the stuff of your life.

Make wiser and more considerate decisions.

Release selfishness and self-entitlement. Despite how difficult, awful and painful your life might be and how horrible you might feel, it is, nonetheless, necessary to be considerate of other people’s feelings and needs as well, and to not emotionally bleed all over them or abuse them in other ways. Especially your professed loved ones.

Let go of defensiveness and ego defense mechanisms such as denial, rationalization, and projection, among others, which only serve to distort reality and keep true mental fitness at arm’s length.

Useful & Actual Tricks to Stay Fit

1. If you are tending to have a family with a history of heart diseases, then its best to consult your doctor and take a physical examination test before you get too worked up on starting an exercising program.

2. Rhythmic & Repetitive exercises that can challenge the power of your circulatory system should be practiced at an optimal intensity according to the person.

3. Fun activities that you are interested with so that you don’t get bored and can continue it for a long period of time should be chosen.

4. Comfortable clothes should be worn as without them you cant exercise or do anything properly. Wear them according to the weather conditions around you.

5. Older people should really look upon walking as a regular and essential exercise as it helps to get red of a lot of diseases and also maintains a general level of fitness inside you.

6. The various stretching exercises like backstretches, neck, foot stretching should be done slowly and carefully as muscular adaptation and elasticity generally slow with age.

7. Whatever fitness routine taken up should be done gradually as older people generally start from a sedentary condition.