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Category Archives: Health and Fitness

Tricks Stay Fit at Work

1. Say no to elevator: Take the stairs instead of the elevators/escalators as it will keep you fit and energetic.

2. Stretching: Perform simple stretching exercises sitting at your chair like neck rotations, flexing you foot, stretching your legs and arms, whenever you get time. This will relieve you from back ache, body pain and joint pains.

3. Walk around: Ensure that you do not sit in your chair for more than 1 hour. After every hour get up from your desk and walk around for 2 minutes. Then get back to work again. Sitting in your chair for prolonged period can cause back ache.

4. Check your posture: Make sure that your posture is correct when you sit or while you walk. Always sit straight. Yoga can help you maintain good posture.

5. Walk to your colleague: Instead of sending emails or messages over IM/messenger, just walk to your colleague and talk in person. This would help you burn some calories and stay healthy and fit.

6. Keep yourself hydrated: Ensure that you drink about 8 glasses of water every day. This will keep you hydrated and make you feel full. Avoid sugary and carbonated drinks. Go for a glass of lemonade instead.

7. Pack healthy food: Ensure that you pack healthy food in your lunch box. Avoid junk food, chips, and carbonated drinks. Instead munch on a handful nuts, raw vegetable salads or fruits.

8. Play games: Playing games like table tennis, basketball, badminton etc. during breaks is an interesting way to keep your energy levels high and shed extra pounds.

9. Hit the office gym: Try to hit the office gym and exercise during lunch or tea breaks and then grab a bite at your desk later on.

Information of Healthy Aging And Nutrition

One serious problem that has been getting more awareness is the lack of nutritional value to our food. Due to all the toxins in our environment such as the soil, water and air; our food is no longer as nutritious as it once was. Another concern is regarding GMO’s or genetically modified organisms. GMO’s were introduced to help farmers be more efficient with their crops but they have been raising some eyebrows over the last few decades due to their impact on health. With the use of pesticides and GMO’s introduced into our food chain; the combination has proven to be shocking. The result is a restricted amount of vitamins and essential nutrients that we need on a daily basis that have become significantly less available to us, thus, our concern over healthy aging and nutrition.

Proper nutrition and exercise! There are no cheats for this but there are varying degrees of outcomes based on your participation. Meaning, if you decide you want to focus on changing only your diet, can you still affect weight loss? Of course you can. If you choose to only do a form of exercise but still eat your usual foods, will this help to lose weight. Sure it can but with both of these approaches, you may only get so far. Weight loss plateaus are common and it is important to remember that our bodies are good at accommodating to their needs. Changing up your routine is important in keeping good momentum. Some tips to consider:

  1. Drink half your body weight in ounces of purified water per day. This will not only keep you well hydrated but help to keep you feeling full. Adding fresh fruit and herbs can give you some variety in flavor if you are bored of just plain water.
  2. Use a whey protein shake as a meal replacement. Whey has been proven as an optimal choice for building muscle. Muscle burns more calories than any other tissue in the body. Increased muscle will stimulate your metabolism and this will burn fat. Building muscle will also combat the normal muscle loss we experience with aging. Not all whey is the same so choose your products carefully and look for third party lab testing for quality as well as safety from heavy metals, pesticides and microbial activity.
  3. Don’t try to eliminate a food group in an effort to eliminate carbs or fats, we need a healthy balance in our diets. Choosing good fats such as monounsaturated, polyunsaturated and omega 3’s are not only good for your heart but for emotional stability and can actually help with controlling weight. Choosing whole grains sources will also help with heart health as well as diabetes and some cancers.
  4. Avoid low fat and low carb products. These foods will have sugar or fat to compensate as well as other additives to make them more flavorful which often equals more calories.
  5. Don’t eliminate all your favorite foods. If you try to go “cold turkey” off of your previous diet, you may be more likely to have a rebound. Try to decrease the quantity and how often you have these foods. If you have a special event to go to, enjoy the foods but be reasonable and think more of how to balance out your foods through the week in order to enjoy that particular meal.
  6. If you don’t know what to do for exercise, start small to get into a routine. Carve 20 min a day to plan on moving. Gradually work into a program that gets you moving 150 minutes per week. Pick something that you like; you’re more likely to stick with it. Don’t do something that you think you have to do. Not everyone likes going to a gym. Have a friend to join with you; that will also help you to stay on track.

Staying Mentally Fit

It is good to exercise our brain everyday like we exercise our body. It is important to keep mentally fit and keep exercising for the brain as well.There are various ways to tickle those grey cells and some exercises for staying mentally fit are-

Keep a hobby that needs us to use our brain. This can be something like learning to play a musical instrument. This can be entertaining as well as stimulating the brain.Quizzes, puzzles, sudoku, jig-saw puzzles, cards, crosswords and board games are some of the good ways to keep you busy in a constructive way.Look at your anger, your rage, your depression, your fears and anxieties.Uncover their triggers and find different ways to look at the stuff of your life.

Make wiser and more considerate decisions.

Release selfishness and self-entitlement. Despite how difficult, awful and painful your life might be and how horrible you might feel, it is, nonetheless, necessary to be considerate of other people’s feelings and needs as well, and to not emotionally bleed all over them or abuse them in other ways. Especially your professed loved ones.

Let go of defensiveness and ego defense mechanisms such as denial, rationalization, and projection, among others, which only serve to distort reality and keep true mental fitness at arm’s length.

Useful & Actual Tricks to Stay Fit

1. If you are tending to have a family with a history of heart diseases, then its best to consult your doctor and take a physical examination test before you get too worked up on starting an exercising program.

2. Rhythmic & Repetitive exercises that can challenge the power of your circulatory system should be practiced at an optimal intensity according to the person.

3. Fun activities that you are interested with so that you don’t get bored and can continue it for a long period of time should be chosen.

4. Comfortable clothes should be worn as without them you cant exercise or do anything properly. Wear them according to the weather conditions around you.

5. Older people should really look upon walking as a regular and essential exercise as it helps to get red of a lot of diseases and also maintains a general level of fitness inside you.

6. The various stretching exercises like backstretches, neck, foot stretching should be done slowly and carefully as muscular adaptation and elasticity generally slow with age.

7. Whatever fitness routine taken up should be done gradually as older people generally start from a sedentary condition.

Healthy Rather Than Skinny

1. Be practical

In the real world, a skinny body cannot be an option for everyone. Remember, everyone is gifted with a different body and shape. You will notice that some are blessed with more curves looking voluptuous while the others not so much. No amount of new found diets can change the shape of your body. Just like it is not possible to turn a square into a triangle. If you were born to have those curves, you need to embrace it with confidence as nothing you do will make them go away.

2. Slim and skinny doesn’t imply healthy

The well-known models on the runway can make any woman envious. They are slim and you shouldn’t be surprised to know that they are extremely fit and healthy. Yes, that’s because they devote time to eating right, working out religiously, and getting enough rest and sleep. Although plenty of girls are genetically skinny, some are skinny because of poor eating habits as they only focus on the external appearance. This kind of lifestyle is likely to make you fall sick, making you prone to heart diseases, stroke, and other health conditions just like someone obese. Do you really want this for yourself?

3. Ditch the weighing machine

Yes, if you are striving to get skinny you are probably someone who has an obsession with the weighing machine. But the real measure of health and well-being does not come from those scales. To remain healthy, your weight has very little to do with your overall fitness. Instead, it is your doctor who can actually give you a proper health diagnosis. To be on the right track, use these results to fuel your self-improvement and you will not be disappointed. Do not focus on getting skinny, instead focus on increasing your muscle mass and lowering body fat.

4. Skinny does always mean lean muscle mass

This is a general misconception about skinny people. It is not necessary that anyone who is slim and skinny possess good muscle mass. Fad diets may help you lose weight, but these diets do nothing for your muscles, on the contrary you lose muscle tone. A person who is skinny only by restricting her diet and who does not workout religiously lacks major muscle mass.

Physically Fit Woman

A woman is no different than anyone else when it comes to stress. You are no doubt affected by the everyday stresses of life, and exercise can help you relieve some of that stress. Even though your day may be filled with responsibilities and activities, when you take time for yourself to go for a walk or run your stress is diminished. Just getting outdoors and putting your focus on something besides whatever was causing your stress helps put the situation in the background.

Woman who are very physically active are much less likely to be afflicted with osteoporosis. If you have a job which is physically demanding, that might actually be a good thing for you. In the first place the activity helps keep your muscles strong, and at the same time your bones are kept healthy. When bones are stressed somewhat they are fortified with calcium and become stronger.

The same situation applies to maintaining a healthy heart. A physically active lifestyle makes your body more healthy and you will have less fat and more muscle. Most people who do physical labor outdoors are strong and healthy and rarely develop disease. If you work in an office it is important that you have an exercise routine which will offset the hours you are relatively sedentary.

If you are a wife and stay at home mother you can involve your family in enjoyable exercises to participate in together. While you may not be able to plan activities for every day, a couple nights during the week and a day out on the weekend can be enough to make a difference. There are many activities that families can enjoy together including sports like tennis, hiking, swimming and horseback riding.

The demands on a modern woman are many and it is important to have the strength and energy to cope with them. Exercise is a great way to assure you of a healthy and disease free life. Use the tips in this article to help you make the most of every day.

Great Elements in Staying Fit

Nutritious Food

Nutrition is considered to be the king of a fitness program. Efforts may go to waste or progress might slow down if the right nutrition is not looked into. Energy bars have all the important nutrients and are usually considered as a healthy snack option. Eating avocados help in lowering your cholesterol levels, beans and flax seeds are fibrous and soluble and help in keeping blood pressure in check. It’s also good for your heart. Blueberries help in preventing memory loss, broccoli is considered as a good vegetable to fight cancer, to maintain bone density and also to lower one’s blood pressure, garlic helps to reduce the risk of a heart attack and spinach can also do wonders to keep your eyes in check. Staff at a Sutherland Shire gym will instruct members, after understanding their lifestyle, goals, objectives and general health condition.

Benefits of Group Fitness Classes

Group fitness classes offer a number of benefits such as a consistent and structured work out session. The fun environment is a great motivation and encouragement for the group members and is a huge advantage you obtain when compared to choosing to work out by yourself. There are Sutherland Shire gyms that have successful Yoga classes that can help you stay fit and healthy in the long run. Yoga is an age-old form of exercise that has shown proven results over time.

Enthusiastic, energetic and vibrant young trainers can inspire and motivate clients towards optimum health so look to join the best gym in Sutherland Shire. It is best o visit the facilities before you make a decision. Meet with the trainers and find out what they can offer you in order to meet your own personal fitness goals.

Some Ways Make Body Slim

Spirulina, enriched with antioxidants fights against free radical mechanism safely and naturally. High calorie intake is a main cause of many obesity troubles. Today, you can easily get relief from this health issue by limiting calorie intake. You can substitute protein rich sources like spirulina so as to ensure safe health results. It reduces the accumulation of body fat safely and naturally.

Green tea is a top recommended remedy for obesity. People in search of a perfect slimming product can readily make use of green tea. Green tea reduces the appetite level of user safely and naturally. Also, it assures increased metabolic rate devoid of side effects. Have you ever used reishi mushrooms? As per research, reishi mushroom is found to be very useful to treat a wide range of health issues. It serves as a powerful tonic to alleviate many health troubles.

Increasing the metabolic rate of body is a main function of reishi mushroom. Apart from increasing the metabolic rate of body, reishi can be also used to reduce the blood sugar level. This in turn reduces the risk of hyperglycemia naturally. High stamina is another great health benefit of reishi mushroom. It assures great relief from obesity problems.

Today, you can easily get reishi products from market in the form of extracts. Hence feel free to make use of this remedy as per the need. Cinnamon is a natural food item that can help you to get relief from excessive body fat problems. Decrease in blood sugar level is a main function of cinnamon extract. This feature in turn reduces the risk of obesity problems.

Which is the right herbal cure to trim your body safely? This question is quite common from people. Slim-N-Trim capsule, enriched with herbal ingredients is an excellent cure for treating many health issues. 100% herbal composition in this natural cure assures safe health results to all users.

Forskolin Fit Pro

I use it personally for my weight loses. Anyone can understand easily the working of this supplement. As human body had a tendency to burn the internal calories by some efforts which are perform by humans. This process is known as metabolism. So the Forskolin fit pro supplement is directly upgrade the metabolism of human. It works as a catalyst in our body which is use for making the cyclic amp. This catalyst or cyclic amp is probe to some chemical reactions. And these chemical reactions are good for the metabolism of human body.
Not only the metabolism is affected by the forskolin fit pro, it is also increase the muscle. If you are using this product it is directly effect on metabolism and as our metabolism system increase, capacity of doing work is also increase. Now if ability of working is increase for human body shaping also taking place. So it is overall good for the human body and a good product for the weight lose.
Now I can give you some reasons for using this.
As it was more natural or I must say that all product of forskolin fit pro are made by natural component. So there are no matter of bad product or bad quality. However it is also based on a person’s body.Forskolin Fit Pro, is a product which is equaly beneficial for both men and women in order to lose weight and gain lean muscles
There are no side effects which prove to medical unbalance conditions for a person. If you are a patient of any other disease also you can take these supplements. However you must consult with your doctor.Get 100% Risk Free Trial Bottle – Forskolin Fit Pro. Burn extra fat and get lean muscles.

Stay Health by Following Muscle Building

What do you actually understand by the term “physical fitness”? Is it only about acquiring better shape? No, definitely not, as it reveals the capability of working effectively and continue being healthy by fulfilling the requirements of the body. But, how to accomplish the physical fitness? Here is how you to achieve fitness.
  • Enough rest by quality sleep
  • Proper relaxation and stress management
  • Giving proper nutrition
  • Last but the most important, regular exercise and other physical activities
There are lots of advantages of physical fitness and following are some of the most known efficacy of a good online exercise plan, if you are unable to visit the venue regularly. Keep reading the following to know more.
Lesser Chances of Getting Prone To Disease:
This is nothing new as since childhood we hear our parents telling us to do exercise regularly since it decreases the risk of catching diseases. When an expert trains you, you comprehend the many benefits of how regular exercise results in catching lesser disease. It eliminates the chances of
  • Heart diseases
  • Colon Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Lung cancer
  • Breast cancer
  • Metabolic syndrome
Regulates the Body Weight:
These days, whether it is the young generation or the elders, most of us suffer from obesity. You can blame on the unhealthy diet, but when you follow a good fitness diet recommended by experts combined with trainers to guide you throughout the training session, you can accomplish your dreams of an exact body weight as per your age and height. Not only fitness program maintains a better health, but also balance your body weight.
Boosts the Energy Level:
Proper exercise stimulates the blood flow thereby results in better sleep. This proves to be a better choice when it comes to boosting the energy level. Regular exercise, especially in the morning, results in boosting the energy level and keeps you active throughout. The fitter you, the better you.
Get You In Proper Shape:
Regardless of men or women, we all crave to get that perfect figure in order to make us look stunning and to stay fit throughout. A good muscle building program will help you understanding the requirements of your body. In addition to this, the training centres also provide good trainers who help you throughout to understand the right exercise to bring you in proper shape.

Keep Fit in 30s

Always add aero

Aerobic exercise, more popularly known as cardio, should always be a part of your fitness routine. It can be running, cycling or even in the form of swimming. If you’re really busy, walking for 30 minutes five times a week can be beneficial. The important thing is, you don’t skip cardio. What makes it so important? Cardio, which is actually short for cardiovascular, exercises your heart and promotes blood circulation. Strengthening your ticker to reduce the risk of heart ailments. Cardio also helps your muscles become stronger and flexible, as well as keep off the unwanted pounds. Be sure to wear shoes with good support and cushioning, but still allows your feet to comfortably do a range of motions. Lotto shoes are a good brand for cardio footwear.

Mind your fuel

What you put in your body is essential when you’re in your 30s. You can easy sabotage your metabolism by flooding it with sweets, sodium and fats. You don’t need to really go on a strict diet. Just eat smart without sacrificing flavor. Reduce salt but add more spices to curb the bland taste. Have a sweet tooth? Go for the natural sweetness of berries and fruits. What a great snack? Choose nuts like cashews and almonds, and even Greek yoghurt. Meat lovers need not suffer, just substitute lean meats. Eat more vegetables as well. If you’re not a veggie eater by heart, include it in your meat dishes. Also, drink more water. Water helps you trim down and cleans your body from impurities. Forget about sodas, even the diet ones, and sugary fruit juices.

Do weight training

Thirty-somethings will be surprised to know how positive their body will respond even if they spend three days a week in the gym. A weight training regimen will help keep your bones and muscles strong, and keep the extra weight off. If you don’t have the time or the budget to go to the gym, do body weight exercises. Also known as ‘free weights’, you can do exercises like pushups, squats, lunges, triceps dips o keep you fit. Build a routine you can do in succession to heighten your experience.

Make small life changes

Okay, if you’re in your 30s, most probably you have a solid life routine already. But you don’t have to drastically change that to be fit. You can do small things which will help you maintain your commitment to your fitness goals. Simple things like taking the stairs, skipping that candy bar at the vendo can matter in the long run. Also, fitness is not just about being physically fit. There’s an emotional aspect to it. So keep a positive outlook in life and don’t let stress win out.